Halloween Music

Long-play Halloween Music Soundtracks

Welcome to our long-play Halloween Music soundtracks. We gave those the considerable length of around one hour each, to serve home and garden Halloween parties at full.

In case you put your systems on repeat, because of its length no one will ever find out that in fact it is a huge music loop.

Listen to our Halloween Nightmare and Halloween Scream music and you enter another world. A haunted house with whispering witches and squeaking trees. Howling wolfs and screaming cats will give you a creep-crawling spine-shivering feeling.

Walk around in this musical environment and enter the cellar of your imagination where dark demons linger.

With the creation of the music our creative team experienced some memorable months, stuffed with loads of black coffee, sleepless nights, utter despair and over-the-top fun.

Now we are sure you will experience your most exiting Halloween Night ever with Halloween Nightmare and Halloween Scream Music.

Enjoy !




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